About Antoinette Rees

Antoinette Rees Clinical Psychologist North ShoreAntoinette Rees began her psychology career working at Forest Lodge Child Health Centre. There she was involved in seeing children as well as parents. It was here that she began her enjoyment of dealing with both adults and children and particularly, couple therapy.

Antoinette then took time off work to start her own family. During this time she established her private practice. Working with clients in therapy, Antoinette is always focused on looking at problem solving and finding various ways to help people gain insight and skills that can help them see their problem in more constructive ways. She is always looking to help clients learn skills that will help them to manage their particular problems. In addition to her practice, Antoinette has also run groups for various issues, including:

  • Assertiveness /communications skills
  • Stress management
  • Agoraphobia
  • Depression
  • Behavioural weight management

Antoinette’s enthusiasm for her job has been commented on by many who come to see her. She jokingly says that even if she were to win Lotto she would probably remain working in some capacity till she was 80 as she feels very fulfilled by her line of work.

Mental Health


Bachelor of Arts – University of Sydney
Master of Arts (Psychology) – University of Sydney
Diploma in Clinical Psychology – University of Sydney


Board Endorsed Clinical Psychologist


Member of the Australian Psychological Society

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