Panic Attacks and Anxiety

anxiety panic attacksPanic Attacks and Anxiety are closely related disorders which, depending on the severity, can have a devastating effect on the lives of sufferers. Also known as Panic Attack Disorder / Anxiety Attack Disorder it affects approximately 3% of Australian adults between the ages of 18 to 55.

With such a relatively high occurrence and the ensuing problems caused by Panic Attacks and Anxiety it is vital that if you or someone close to you suffers from this disorder that you (or they) get the appropriate treatment sooner than later.

Anxiety in particular can lead to many serious health problems in particular high blood pressure and the ensuing complications that can result from this condition. The causes for anxiety are as many and varied as day is long but fortunately it is a condition which at best can be completely resolved and at worst can be managed to various degrees. With over 25 years experience and qualifications including those of a Clinical Psychologist I can help you with your anxiety by showing you how to control and in many cases completely overcome it.

Panic AttacksPanic Attacks happen to most of us from time to time but for some it’s virtually a daily occurrence and the results can be completely debilitating. As a highly experienced mental health professional and a qualified Clinical Psychologist I can help you isolate the cause or causes of your panic attacks and then proceed to work together showing you how to avoid the panic attack triggers and how to deal with them when you feel them coming on. Panic Attacks can be controlled if you know the symptoms and the correct action to take. Don’t keep suffering. My rooms are located at 4 Belcote Road Longueville (click here for Google maps ref) on Sydney’s North Shore and I have a very flexible appointment structure Monday to Saturday.

Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates are available to patients who qualify. Just call me on 9427 3122 to discuss or contact me online by clicking on the DON’T PANIC button below.

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Medicare and some of the private health funds provide funding for certain Psychology and Counselling services. You should discuss this with your local GP and if they provide you with a referral you may be able to obtain a rebate from Medicare and / or your private health fund. We are an accredited Medicare provider.